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The following is an advisory from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs about the compiled highlights of the OVPAA Memorandum No. 2020-143: Academic Guidelines for the Remainder of the First Semester 2020-2021.

The memo issued by the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs issued on Nov. 27 reiterates the suspended academic rules and policies, and includes the revised academic calendar for the Second Semester 2020-2021 and Midyear 2021.

Please be guided accordingly.

Academic Guidelines for the Remainder of the First Semester AY 2020-2021; Reiteration of Suspended Academic Rules and Policies; Revised Academic Calendar for the Second Semester AY 2020-2021 and Midyear 2021PDF


Revised Guidelines for Responding to COVID-19 Cases Among Staff and Faculty for UP Diliman Offices and Units PDF





  1. The College of Science Oval (CS Oval) will be open to Barangay UP Campus residents. The CS Oval’s “opening” is a two-week trial.
  2. “CS Oval’s opening” means UPD residents may conduct their de-stressing activities or their usual exercises (walking, jogging, running, yoga, stretching, tai-chi only) beginning Aug. 25, 2020 (Tuesday) along the CS Oval and its open spaces. However, buildings will not be open to the public.
  3. Group exercises up to a MAXIMUM of 10 participants are allowed such as yoga, stretching and tai-chi.
  4. Exercise (i.e. walking, jogging and running) traffic will be counterclockwise.
  5. Biking is NOT allowed.
  6. Residents will only be allowed to enter the CS OVAL from 6 to 9 AM and 4 to 7 PM. Entrance to the CS Oval will end at 8:30 AM and 6:30 PM, respectively. Anyone roaming or loitering around the CS Oval after 9 AM and 7 PM will be asked to immediately leave the premises.
  7. Residents will only be allowed to enter following the schedule below:

MWF:  Residents of Pook Dagohoy, Ricarte, Palaris and Areas 1, 2 and 3

TThS:  Residents of Village A, B, C and Hardin ng Donya Aurora, Purok Aguinaldo, Hardin ng Rosas, Hardin ng Bougainvillea, Pook Amorsolo and Area 17

Sunday:  Open to all residents.

  1. The CS Oval will remain CARLESS. There are NO PARKING SPACES around the CS Oval.  Residents may park their cars at designated parking areas along P. Velasquez Street.
  2. Residents must register at the designated entrances before entering the CS Oval:

Entrance 1:  P. Velasquez Street (near College of Science Library)

Entrance 2:  Near National Institute of Physics

  1. Residents will be required to bring their SMART PHONES to register. They will be asked to answer a health declaration form using a QR code. Residents MUST BE honest in answering the form. A resident who will get a score of 1 after submitting the form to the system will not be allowed to enter.
  2. Residents will be required to bring an ID or any proof of residence; otherwise they will not be allowed entry.
  3. Residents must bring their personal exercise equipment (if any) and must not share with others.
  4. In line with IATF guidelines, the following UPD rules on open spaces must be followed:

a. Only up to 200 individuals at a time will be allowed CS Oval entry.

b. Residents under 21 years old and over 60 years old will not be allowed to enter. Also, individuals who are pregnant, with comorbidities (e.g. uncontrolled hypertension, diabetes, cardiac/renal problems) or immunodeficiency conditions such as cancer, HIV-AIDS, and systemic lupus erythematosus will not be allowed to enter.

c. Residents must bring alcohol (70% Isopropyl or Ethyl) when entering the CS Oval premises; otherwise they will not be allowed entry.

d. Residents must bring face mask and face shield; otherwise, they will not be allowed entry. Residents must wear the face mask AT ALL TIMES. If they will have to talk with each other, they must wear both their face masks and face shields.

e. Eating IS STRICTLY prohibited at the CS Oval.

f. There will be NO SOCIAL GATHERING in the CS Oval’s open spaces (i.e. picnics, tambay and chatting).

g. Practice physical distancing even when running — make sure to keep a distance of six feet away from the other person doing his/her de-stressing activity.

h. No SPITTING along the CS OVAL.

i. If there is an urge to cough or sneeze, step to the side and cover your nose and mouth. Make sure to disinfect with alcohol or if possible, immediately wash hands with soap and water.

j. DO NOT LITTER on CS Oval grounds.

k. Bring your own water to stay hydrated.

l. For everyone’s safety, avoid touching other individuals and other UPD properties (i.e. building markers, gates of buildings, lampposts, public art).

  1. ONLY the washroom at the Computational Science Research Center can be used.
  2. Please be vigilant. Report violators to UPD Police/SSB/Guards on duty along the CS Oval.
  3. In case of health emergency, please do not panic and seek the help of the UPD Police/SSB/guards on duty.
  4. It is still best for residents to stay at home if they will not be engaging in any de-stressing activity along the CS Oval.
  5. Residents who do not feel well must stay home. Remember, the first line of defense is the SELF.  EVERYONE IS reminded to be responsible for the well-being of others.


For comments, inquiries and suggestions, please email ovcca.updiliman@up.edu.ph.



  1. Ang College of Science Oval (CS Oval) ay ibubukas na sa mga residente ng Barangay UP Campus. Ang “pagbubukas” ng CS Oval ay dalawang linggong trial.
  2. Ang pagbubukas ng CS Oval ay nangangahulugan na ang mga residente ay puwede nang gumawa ng kanilang de-stressing activities o ehersisyo (paglalakad, jogging, pagtakbo, yoga, stretching, at tai-chi lamang) mula Agosto 25, 2020 (Martes) sa paligid ng CS Oval at mga kalapit na pampublikong lugar. Subalit ang mga gusali ay mananatiling sarado sa publiko.
  3. Ang mga papayagan lang na panggrupong aktibidad ay mga ehersisyo tulad ng yoga, stretching at tai-chi, at puwede lang hanggang sa 10 katao.

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Chancellor Fidel R. Nemenzo’s Message to the UPD Community, 17 August 2020

Dear UP Diliman Community Members,


Last Aug. 15, 2020, we officially opened Silungang Molave (SiM), the isolation facility that will serve our community. At this time, SiM has 39 beds ̶ 20 beds allotted for mild COVID-19 cases and 19 beds for those who have been exposed and awaiting their test results. We will expand the number of beds as the need arises. The facility will prioritize UP constituents and residents of our Barangay.

The opening of SiM is part of our recalibrated strategic response to the pandemic. In the last weeks, we have seen the growing number of cases in Barangay UP Campus, but no place to send patients for care and healing. While our UP Health Service-Public Health Unit (UPHS-PHU) has been working double time to monitor cases, it had the challenging task of finding isolation places for the sick in our community. With facilities in the city already full, many of the sick have had to stay home and risked exposing their families.

Silungang Molave is a response to the urgent need for a community-based facility where our members can get proper care. In SiM, those who cannot self-isolate at home will have a place where they can recuperate. It is also a place where the sick could rest without worrying that they may be exposing their loved ones to the virus. As a public health strategy, it will enable us to isolate the sick to prevent the virus from further spreading.

I am aware that the repurposing of Molave Dorm into an isolation facility has caused anxiety among a few of our constituents. Given the uncertain situation, this is understandable. But, we have consulted epidemiologists and biosafety experts who assure us that having the facility inside the campus does not pose a risk to UP Diliman. We remind the community that COVID-19 is transmitted mainly through droplets and by direct contact. It does not travel long distances through the air and cannot reach our residences in this manner. Airborne transmission occurs mostly in enclosed settings.

Our experience in running Kanlungang Palma, our first isolation facility which closed on July 11, 2020, has also given us lessons. We have taken these to heart, as we proceeded with Silungang Molave. As a first step, we created a special committee that reviewed the operations of Kanlungang Palma and the UPHS. The committee, which includes an infectious disease expert from the Philippine General Hospital, recommended measures that will prevent future outbreaks and ensure the safety of our health care workers. This same committee will also be closely monitoring the operations of SiM in the coming months.

Apart from instituting these internal mechanisms, SiM went through the proper Department of Health (DOH) accreditation process and is under the technical supervision of the Quezon City Health Department. The DOH will also be monitoring the facility.

In preparing the facility, our UPHS has hired four more doctors and three nurses to take care of patients. In addition, the isolation facility will have a full staff:  a facility manager, sanitary inspector, food servers and maintenance staff who will attend to the health needs of patients as they move towards a quicker recovery.

I wish to thank our UPHS and the UP Diliman COVID-19 Task Force for working tirelessly these past weeks to get Silungang Molave ready for our community.

Lastly, as part of the national university, UP Diliman is called upon to fulfill its commitment to serve the larger community. Taking care of the sick and vulnerable is part of this responsibility.  One member’s vulnerability is the community’s vulnerability.


Fidel R. Nemenzo


Mensahe ng Tsanselor sa Komunidad ng UP Diliman, 17 Agosto 2020

Minamahal na mga Kasapi ng Komunidad ng UP Diliman,


Noong ika-15 ng Agosto 2020 ay opisyal nang binuksan ang Silungang Molave (SiM), ang isolation facility (pasilidad pang-isolate) na magseserbisyo sa ating komunidad. Sa ngayon, ang SiM ay may 39 na kama  ̶ 20 kama ang nakatalaga para sa mga may kaso ng COVID-19 na hindi malala at 19 na kama para sa mga na-expose at naghihintay ng resulta ng kanilang pagsusuri. Padadamihin natin ang bilang ng mga kama kung kinakailangan. Uunahing maserbisyuhan ang mga nasasakupan ng UP at ang mga residente ng ating Barangay.

Ang pagbubukas ng SiM ay bahagi ng ating isinaayos na estratehikong tugon sa pandemya. Sa mga nakaraang linggo, nakita natin ang paglaki ng bilang ng mga kaso sa Barangay UP Campus, ngunit walang mapagdalhan na lugar sa mga pasyente para sila ay maalagaan at magpagaling. Habang ang ating UP Health Service-Public Health Unit (UPHS-PHU) ay doble-kayod  sa pagmo-monitor ng mga kaso, sila ay may mapanghamon na gawain na makahanap ng mga lugar pang-isolate para sa mga maysakit sa ating komunidad. Habang ang mga pasilidad sa ating lungsod ay puno na, marami sa mga maysakit ang kinailangang manatili sa tahanan at may panganib na makahawa sa kanilang mga pamilya.

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Chancellor Fidel R. Nemenzo’s Message to the UPD Community, 6 August 2020

Dear UP Diliman Community Members,


Our health care workers (HCWs) have spoken. As we enter an even more dangerous phase of the pandemic, they have appealed for a “time-out” — to give our health care system a breather and allow our HCWs to regain their strength. An urgent task during this time-out is to assess and recalibrate national and local responses to the pandemic.

Reflecting what is happening at the national level, UP Diliman (UPD) has also seen an increase in COVID-19 cases. As of August 6, 2020, a total of 55 active cases has been reported among our constituents and in our community. These cases include faculty, staff, students, and barangay residents, who are closely monitored by the UP Health Service – Public Health Unit (UPHS-PHU) and the UPD COVID-19 Task Force.

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Mensahe ni Tsanselor Fidel R. Nemenzo sa Komunidad ng UPD, 6 Agosto 2020

Minamahal na mga Kasapi ng Komunidad ng UP Diliman,


Ang ating health care workers (HCWs) ay nagsalita na. Sa pagpasok natin sa mas mapanganib na yugto ng pandemya, nag-apela sila para sa isang “time-out” – upang mabigyan ang ating sistema ng pangangalaga sa kalusugan (health care system) ng pahinga at makabawi ng lakas ang ating HCWs. Ang mahalagang gawin agad habang may time-out ay suriin at muling ayusin ang pambansa at lokal na mga pagtugon sa pandemya.

Habang pinagninilayan kung ano ang nangyayari sa pambansang lebel, nakita rin ang pagtaas ng kaso ng COVID-19 ng UP Diliman. Noong Agosto 6, 2020, naibalita ang kabuuang 55 aktibong kaso sa ating mga constituent at sa ating komunidad. Kabilang sa mga kasong ito ay fakulti, kawani, mag-aaral at mga residente ng barangay, na mahigpit na minomonitor ng UP Health Service-Public Health Unit (UPHS-PHU) at ng UPD COVID-19 Task Force.

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Office of the UPD Chancellor’s Statement on the Latest UPD COVID-19 Cases

Dear UP Diliman Community,

As of June 26, two more frontliners tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the total of cases to 16. They include health, laboratory and security personnel who were assigned at the Kanlungang Palma and the UP Health Service. Following protocols, they are now isolated, and active contact tracing is ongoing.

This is a pressing issue for UP Diliman, and I would like to assure the community that we are implementing stricter infection control measures to contain the outbreak and stabilize these facilities. As part of these control measures, disinfection, review of safety protocols, and testing of staff are now being undertaken.

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Message from Chancellor Fidel R. Nemenzo, 29 April 2020

Dear Members of the UP Diliman Community,


The novel coronavirus has given me an unusual welcome at the start of my term as Chancellor. Within a week, I had to form the UPD COVID-19 Task Force, composed of the Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, University Health Service personnel, students, staff and faculty from the different disciplines to plan and carry out our university’s community response to the pandemic.

The Task Force has been monitoring the COVID-19 situation in Diliman, coordinating with the LGU (local government unit) and barangay health officials, attending to the needs of residents, students and other personnel stranded in the campus, and issuing regular information bulletins through the UP Diliman Information Office.

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Message from Chancellor Fidel R. Nemenzo, 17 March 2020

Dear Members of the UP Diliman Community,


Today, the national government will start implementing more stringent measures in an effort to control the spread of the epidemic. These are trying times for our country, and I would like to reach out to our community – our faculty, students, REPS, staff, and campus residents. Let us continue to look out for each other. Let us use this period to help each other find our bearings.

The national response to COVID-19 has cost to all of us, but for some, the burden will be and has already been greater. On UP Diliman’s part, to help minimize the impact of continuing containment measures, we announced last night the suspension of classes, including the online modes of learning, until 14 April. We recognize that during this emergency our faculty and students have concerns other than their classes. Caring for our families and for ourselves comes first.

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Chancellor Nemenzo’s Update on COVID-19 Situation in UPD, 12 March 2020

Dear Members of the UP Diliman Community,


Yesterday, the World Health Organization officially declared COVID-19 a pandemic. Since my statement two days ago, the Department of Health has reported a rise in the number of COVID-19 cases in different parts of Metro Manila. Sadly, UP Diliman has not been spared by the growing epidemic. As of today, three members of our community have been identified as PUIs and are confined in nearby hospitals. Rest assured that we will inform you of the test results as soon as these are available.

We have to remain calm, alert and vigilant as the epidemic moves fast through our communities. UP Diliman must do its part in containing the spread of the epidemic. In this regard, we will continue to suspend official travel and public events until further notice. Beginning Monday, March 16, all classes will shift to online mode. These are drastic, but necessary measures that universities in other countries, such as Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, the US and Italy, have also taken to protect the health of their communities.

These containment measures, however, need not paralyze us as an institution. Thus, we have asked our faculty to adjust their syllabi and requirements, and shift to online teaching. The UP Open University will be holding a webinar on Google Classroom tomorrow. There are no more available slots, but the webinar video will be streamed and be made available for download from the UPOU website.

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Message from Chancellor Fidel R. Nemenzo, 9 March 2020

Dear  Members of the UP Diliman Community,


The national government has declared the suspension of classes from March 10 to 14. We welcome this announcement. We have also suspended work as part of social distancing as recommended by DOH but all offices are maintaining a skeleton force to ensure that essential services are continued.

Since news of the corona virus disease (COVID 19) aired in January 2020, we have been regularly monitoring the situation in our campus. It has been reported that a UP constituent nursing a high fever was screened yesterday at the University Health Service (UHS) holding area and has since been sent to another hospital for testing. We assure you that in handling the PUI (person under investigation), all protocols were strictly followed, the patient was completely isolated from the rest of the UHS patients, and that the holding area was immediately disinfected.

We will not let our guard down. UP Diliman has created its COVID-19 Task Force that is in charge of putting into place and implementing the necessary response protocols and institutional mechanisms to combat this threat to our community.

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Tugon ni Tsanselor Fidel R. Nemenzo ukol sa COVID-19, 9 Marso 2020

Mga Minamahal na Kasapi ng Komunidad ng UP Diliman,


Idineklara ng pambansang pamahalaan ang suspensiyon ng mga klase mula Marso 10 hanggang 14. Tinatanggap natin ang anunsiyong ito. Isinuspinde rin natin ang trabaho bilang tugon sa social distancing na inirerekomenda ng DOH subalit lahat ng tanggapan ay kinakailangang magtalaga ng ilang empleyado upang mapanatili ang operasyon ng opisina at matiyak na naipagpapatuloy ang mahahalagang serbisyo sa Unibersidad.

Mula nang maisaere noong Enero 2020 ang balita tungkol sa corona virus disease (COVID-19), regular nating minamatyagan ang sitwasyon sa ating kampus. Naiulat na isang taga-UP na may mataas na lagnat ang sinuri kahapon sa holding area ng University Health Service (UHS) at dinala sa isa pang ospital upang lalo pang masuri. Tinitiyak naming sa pakikisalamuha sa naturang PUI (person under investigation), lahat ng opisyal na panuntunan ay mahigpit na sinunod, ang pasyente ay inihiwalay sa iba pang pasyente ng UHS, at ang holding area ay dagliang nilinis gamit ang disinfectant.

Patuloy tayong magmamatyag. Bumuo ang UP Diliman ng COVID-19 Task Force na nakatalagang magpatupad ng mga kinakailangang pagtugon at iba pang pamamaraan upang masugpo ang bantang ito sa ating pamayanan.

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Links on UP Advisories regarding COVID-19

FAQs for UP Diliman, prepared by the OVCAA  and based on the UP System Policy on the Second Semester AY 2019-2020 in the Time of COVID-19. Consists of 53 questions and corresponding answers, this guide follows, in general, maximum consideration, flexibility, and compassion in any academic decisions that are made this semester.

FAQs for UP Diliman, prepared by the OUR, that address issues on the adjusted academic calendar, application to a program, clearance and graduation, CRS matters, faculty concerns, ineligibilities, LOA/dropping, registration/scholarship/underassessment, residence, transcript/certificates, transfering/shifting, and units earned.

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Links on Government Advisories regarding COVID-19

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