UP Diliman

Submission Guidelines

Guidelines for submitting a story

Articles may be submitted for consideration at any time.

UPDIO reserves the right to edit articles submitted for quality, relevance and length.

Colleges or units requesting to publish pre-and post-event stories in the UPD portal are enjoined to first upload these stories to their respective websites. Once published, UPDIO can create a link in the portal to said press releases. UPDIO reserves the right to determine which press releases, subject to editing, will be originally published in the UPD portal.

Story ideas are welcomed and will be developed by the UPDIO staff as appropriate and as time and resources permit.

Articles submitted must include:

  • Title
  • Author’s name and professional title
  • Author’s phone number and e-mail address
  • Author’s college or office
  • Article 500-700 words
  • Full names/titles/affiliations of anyone referenced in the article
  • Phone number of persons/organization referenced in the article
  • Date and location of activity/events referenced in the article
  • Full URLs (instead of hyperlinks) for web sites included in the article
  • Departmental names and faculty and staff job titles will be checked against official university listings for accuracy.
  • Individuals who submit information for the events calendar must ensure the accuracy, timeliness, and reliability of the submitted material.

Submission Instructions

  • Submit articles in MS Word or text file format to Sir Anril P. Titatco at updilimaninfo@gmail.com
  • Submit photographs as e-mail attachments in JPG file format. Do NOT embed photographs in your article text.
  • Provide name and affiliation of any person shown in photographs.
  • Provide a title and source for tables, figures, and other illustrations.