UP College of Education: Education Resilience and Learning Continuity Plan in the Time of COVID-19

As a follow up to the UP College of Education‘s white paper on Education Resilience and Learning Continuity, the College has also curated resources for remote learning which can be accessed here: tiny.cc/curated-resources.
Materials and resources that are featured in this collection are organized based on the key strategies that we presented in the white paper.
8 Key Strategies for Education Resilience and Continuity in the Time of COVID-19
1.     Prioritize teacher and student safety, health, and well-being.
2.     Recalibrate curricular and assessment priorities.
3.     Enact flexible learning options.
4.     Empower families for home-based learning.
5.     Lead for resilience and innovation.
6.     Redesign the learning environment.
7.     Evaluate education financing.
8.     Create new knowledge.

Posted: June 11, 2020 15:53