Transfer Admission

Former students who have attended another institution since attending the University of the Philippines must qualify on the same basis as new transfer students.

Applicants seeking transfer admission into the University have to satisfy the requirements of the University as well as those of the college/ degree program to which they seek to transfer. The following students are disqualified (1158th BOR Meeting 31 January 2002):

  • students who have been permanently disqualified from the University.

A student, however, who had been previously permanently disqualified from UP may apply for admission to a second bachelor’s degree or to a graduate program after completing a bachelor’s degree outside the University;

2) students who have been dismissed for cause;

3) students whose admission was withdrawn due to submission of fake/ falsified entrance credentials/ documents;

4) students found guilty of dishonesty or any form of misconduct.

From Other UP Constituent Universities

Students from another UP Constituent University who have completed at least 30 collegiate academic units may be admitted as transfer students subject to the rules of the admitting college. Subjects previously cross-enrolled in UP Diliman, if any, will not be considered for the purpose of meeting the 30-unit requirement.

From Other Universities

Admission Requirements (Revised UP Code: Art. 359, 76th UC Meeting: 12 December 2001)

Students with previous college work from another university who want to transfer to UP Diliman shall satisfy all admission requirements of the University and that of the accepting unit/college. Applicants for transfer shall be considered for admission to the University only during the first semester of each academic year. Applicants shall:

1) have completed, outside the University, at least thirty-three (33) academic units;

2) have all grades for all academic units they have taken included in the computation of General Weighted Average (GWA):

3) satisfy the GWA requirement of the degree program applied for. The minimum GWA requirement of the University is an ABSOLUTE MINIMUM 2.00 in all academic units taken;

4) satisfy other admission requirements prescribed for each degree program such as interview, aptitude test, talent test, or written or oral examination;

5) fall within the quota of the program at the time of application, upon evaluation based on the program admission requirements. All applicants shall be ranked according to the criteria set by the admitting program and the cut-off shall be determined by the college/unit based on their quota.

Transferees shall complete in the University not less than 50% of the units required to graduate in their new programs. Furthermore, all upper division courses required in the program shall be taken in the University.

Any or all of the above may be set aside in exceptional cases upon the recommendation of the unit’s Committee on Admission or by the Dean or Director concerned, upon approval of the Chancellor.

The admitting unit/college sends to the Office of the University Registrar the list of applicants qualified for admission for a particular year. The OUR shall issue the University Admission Slips (UP Form 4) to the qualified applicants.

Application Requirements

New transfer applicants should submit the following requirements:

  • a copy of the student’s transcript of records (TOR) or true copy of grades (TCG) from each college/school attended, for evaluation purposes (the TCG is to only satisfy initial application evaluation requirements but later on, a TOR shall be required to formalize and make valid the application, evaluation, and as the case maybe, the admission of the students).
  • accomplished UP Form 3.1 (for foreign applicants) or UP Form 3 (for local applicants). These forms are downloadable from;
  • two passport size photos;
  • non-refundable fee of P100 for Filipino, P150 for resident foreign applicants or USD30 for non-resident applicants (all fees may be subject to change upon BOR approval);
  • 5) TOEFL Official Score Report (a score of at least 500 if paper-based, or at least 173 if computer-based or at least 61 if Internet-based) to be submitted if the medium of instruction is not English in the school/ university previously attended by the applicant [1126th BOR Meeting: 26 November 1998, amended by 1296th BOR Meeting Approval: 27 February 2014].


If qualified, submit the following for the issuance of a University Admission Slip:

1) official transcript of records from all schools attended;

2) TOEFL Official Score Report (if medium of instruction from previous school is not English);

3) honorable dismissal (for local transferees only);

4) study permit from the International Students Program (for foreign student);

5) NSO Birth Certificate (for local transferees only)

Last Updated: 07 Jul 2023