Retirado returns to F2F

In a world that puts a premium on flashes of brilliance or moments of triumph, ceremonies that highlight consistent, everyday service are some of the most heartwarming.

On June 22, UP Diliman (UPD) celebrated faculty (36), research, extension, and professional staff (REPS, 14), and administrative staff (70) for spending a lifetime serving the university at the 2022 Parangal at Pagkilala sa mga Kawani at Retirado ng Unibersidad ng Pilipinas at the University Theater.

The longest-serving retirees were Fernando Laoke and Romeo Manalang of the UPD Campus Maintenance Office, both of whom rendered 46 years of service to the university.

Each retiree received a framed certificate with their photo, a small customized trophy, and a medallion in the shape of the UP seal.

Special video segments were shown featuring awardees representing each category of employee: Regina Elizabeth Capuno, a university extension specialist from the UPD Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for the REPS; Zenaida Antonio, a supervising administrative officer from the UPD College of Law for the administrative staff; and Ulpiano Ignacio Jr., PhD, a professor of civil engineering from the UPD College of Engineering for the faculty retirees.

(From left) Gonzales, Vistan, Antonio and her family, Pacia, and Almoro. Photo by Jerald Caranza, UPDIO
(From left) Gonzales, Vistan, Ignacio and his family, Pacia, and Almoro. Photo by Jerald Caranza, UPDIO

A special segment was dedicated to 14 retired faculty who previously held university administrative positions. Featured in the video presentation was Lisa Grace S. Bersales, PhD, the first national statistician. Bersales was UP’s vice president for planning and finance (February 2011 – April 2014, January 2020 – January 2023).

Thirty-four retirees were each given a special retiree award for at least 40 years of cumulative service to the University. It carries a one-time P60,000 cash gift.

Gawad Paglilingkod and PRAISE awards. A segment was devoted to 14 recipients of the Gawad Paglilingkod, given to active employees who rendered at least 40 years of continuous service and have less than five days of leave of absence without pay (LAWP). It carries a one-time P40,000 cash gift.

Eleven employees in active service were given a special recognition award for at least 40 years of cumulative service but have incurred more than five days of LAWP. It carries a one-time P10,000 cash gift.

The Program on Recognition of Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE) or the Natatanging Galing, Utak, Puso at Dangal ng UPD Awards was given to six teams and 16 individuals in recognition of their contributions to academic and operational excellence.

The Utak Award was given to Arnel Andaya of the UPD Supply and Property Management Office, Henry Magalong of the UPD College of Science (CS), and Edmund Nerval of the UPD College of Music (CMu).

This recognizes an individual’s introduction of a new system/process/procedure to the workplace that results in the efficient delivery of service.” It carries a one-time cash prize of P25,000.

The Galing Award was given to six units: Ask UPD of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, the Biological Research and Services Laboratory (BRSL) of the CS Natural Sciences Research Institute, the Maintenance and Equipment Development Section (MEDS) of the UPD National Institute for Science and Mathematics Education Development, the CS National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (NIMBB), the Office for the Advancement of Teaching (OAT) under the UPD Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (OVCAA), and the Planning and Research Section (PRS) of the  Human Resource Development Office (HRDO) under the UPD Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration.

(From left) HRDO Director Arthur Gonzales III, Chancellor Edgardo Carlo Vistan II, Capuno and her family, Vice Chancellor for Administration Adeline Pacia, and Officer-in-Charge-Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Percival F. Almoro. Photo by Jerald Caranza, UPDIO

The award recognizes a team in a section/division of a unit for their significant impact on the efficient delivery of services, evidenced by increased client satisfaction. It carries a one-time cash prize of P30,000.

The Puso Award (Inspirasyon at Husay Kagalingan Award) was given to Michael Amandy of the UPD School of Library and Information Studies, Ma. Luisa Barrera of the UPD Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Maria Lourdes Magaoay of the UPD Office of the Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development, Luisito Mainot of the UPD Office for Initiatives in Culture and the Arts, and Jefferson Villacruz of the UPD Information Office (UPDIO).

The award recognizes any member of the administrative staff or REPS in the University, regardless of employment status, that made a positive impact on other employees and contributed to the culture of positivity at work in the unit. It carries a one-time P10,000 cash prize.

The Dangal ng UPD Award (Pagkilala para sa Pinakamahusay na Kawani) was given to Shella Badong of the NIMBB, Eva Garcia Cadiz of the CMu, Rolando Calso of the National Engineering Center of the UPD College of Engineering, Maria Amparo D. Jadloc of the UPDIO, Liberato Javier of the University Library, Leizel Lectura of the HRDO, Michael Jerome Madriaga of the OVCAA, and Gaudella Ruiz of the CS.

According to Memorandum No. AAP 2023-03 calling for nominations for the PRAISE awards, the Dangal ng UPD Award recognizes individuals who have performed “an extraordinary act of public service and consistent demonstration of exemplary ethical behavior based on his/her observance of the eight norms of behavior provided under Republic Act No. 6713, otherwise known as the ‘Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees.’” It carries a one-time P50,000 cash prize.

The awardees for the Gawad Tsanselor para sa Natatanging Kawani—the highest honor given by UPD to its administrative staff—are chosen from the qualified nominees in this category. The event was part of the Linggo ng Parangal 2023 with the theme Tanaw.