Music and performances for a cause

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (OVCSA) held the UP Diliman (UPD) Busker Festival 2022: A Fundraiser for Taguyod UPD (Busker Festival) on Dec. 11 at the UP Town Center Acacia Courtyard. The event was livestreamed on the Facebook pages of the OVCSA and UPD.

Apart from musical and drag performances, the Busker Festival also featured cosplayers and street performers such as human statues and mimes.

First to perform was Soulcrop, an acoustic band performing timeless and groovy songs. They also had an open jam session with the audience. Other performers were Goon Lagoon and DEGZ from the UP Music Circle, Tangi, and Dez and Del.

Drag performers Lavender Lilith did a lip sync performance of Bejeweled by Taylor Swift, while Abigaile Montgomery danced to the tune of Woman by Doja Cat.

The audience was also treated to Christmas carols through the musical numbers of the ConChords, the UP Engineering Choir, and the UP Concert Chorus.

The event also served as a campaign to support Taguyod UPD, a fundraising program that aims to help students who are in need of immediate financial support which is not covered by UPD’s regular financial assistance programs.

Donation desks were stationed around the venue (near an acacia tree). Donation channels were also regularly flashed on the OVCSA and UPD Facebook pages.

Busker Festival is part of UPD’s year-end activities this year.

ConChords. Photo by Isha Bonus, UPDIO
UP Engineering Choir. Photo by Isha Bonus, UPDIO
UP Concert Chorus. Photo by Isha Bonus, UPDIO
Mime. Photo by Isha Bonus, UPDIO
Soulcrop. Photo by Isha Bonus, UPDIO
Goon Lagoon. Photo by Isha Bonus, UPDIO