M.A. Programs @ UP Asian Center

In Asia, how does the traditional co-exist with the modern? To what extent have they redefined each other? Are they in harmony, in conflict, or both?

Explore these and other fascinating questions through our M.A. programs in Asian Studies and in Philippine Studies.


Take the thesis or the non-thesis track, and specialize in an Asian region, or a field of study on the Philippines.

Asian Studies (AS)

• Northeast Asia (specialization on China, Korea, or Japan)
• South Asia
• Southeast Asia
• West Asia

As an Asian Studies major, you’ll learn about the history of modern and premodern Asia, research methods, and theories on area studies.

For your area of specialization, you’ll study its culture and society, politics and governance, social and economic development. And then there are the electives: on Asian religions and philosophies, on nationalism, among others.

Philippine Studies  (PS)

• Development Studies
• Foreign Relations
• Society and Culture

All PS majors study the Philippines in an Asian context, and take a course, “Theories and Perspectives on Philippine Studies.” From there, they problematize Filipino identity and culture, examine the country’s foreign relations, or explore the politics of development.

Applications cover the second semester intake, Academic Year 2020–2021. Apply by 31 October 2020.

Visit the website to see a full list of courses, and learn more about the Asian Center’s Asian Studies and Philippine Studies programs. For questions, please email acsec.upd@up.edu.ph

Posted: October 13, 2020 12:23