Call for Application: Batik-Making Workshop

The UP Asian Center and the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in the Philippines, will be holding a batik-making workshop on 8 August 2018, 8 am–3 pm and a wayang-making workshop* on 15 August 2018, 8 am–3 pm. Both workshops are free and will be held at the UP Asian Center, Quezon City. Free materials will be provided.


Each workshop will have ten (10) participants. To give chance to others, individuals can only apply for—and take part in—one workshop. To apply,

  1. Fill out this online application form

  2. Send your CV and a letter of application to briefly explaining your background and your motivations in joining the workshop. Please address the letter to Joefe B. Santarita, PhD, Dean of the UP Asian Center.
  3. To help ensure your application will be seen and included in the screening process, please use “Batik-Wayang Workshops” as a subject line.
  4. Incomplete applications will not be included in the screening process.

*In the wayang workshop, the wayang to be made will be shaped as a keychain.

Deadline of Applications is 3 August 2018


“Batik is dyed by proud craftspeople who draw designs on fabric using dots and lines of hot wax, which resists vegetable and other dyes and therefore allows the artisan to colour selectively by soaking the cloth in one colour, removing the wax with boiling water and repeating if multiple colours are desired. The wide diversity of patterns reflects a variety of influences….Often handed down within families for generations, the craft of batik is intertwined with the cultural identity of the Indonesian people and, through the symbolic meanings of its colours and designs, expresses their creativity and spirituality.” (UNESCO n.d.)


In the workshop, the wayang will be shaped as keychains. “Renowned for its elaborate puppets and complex musical styles, this ancient form of storytelling originated on the Indonesian island of Java…….While these carefully handcrafted puppets vary in size, shape and style, two principal types prevail: the three-dimensional wooden puppet (wayang klitik or golèk) and the flat leather shadow puppet (wayang kulit) projected in front of a screen lit from behind…….Singers and musicians play complex melodies on bronze instruments and gamelan drums…. (UNESCO n.d.)


The UP Asian Center will be offering extramural Bahasa classes in August 2018. The public may apply. Please wait for details.


For inquiries, please email

Posted: July 27, 2018 15:29