UPD to graduate 54 summa cum laude

(JUN. 28)—The University of the Philippines Diliman (UPD) will graduate some 5,000 students led by 54 summa cum laude at the University’s 108th General Commencement Exercises on June 30, 7 a.m. at the University Amphitheater.

Summa cum laude.  Summa cum laude, a Latin phrase meaning “with the greatest honors,” is the university’s highest academic distinction for graduates who earn a weighted average grade (WAG) of 1.20 or better.

The 54 top honors come from 11 degree-granting units from UPD’s four clusters: Science and Technology (S&T), Social Sciences and Law (SS&L), Management and Economics (M&E), Arts and Letters (A&L).

Leading the top honors is Jaron Nicolas T. Uy, Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (BS ChE) of the College of Engineering (COE), with a WAG of 1.019. On second spot is a BS in Electronics and Communications Engineering (BS ECE) major, Reine Jiana M. Reynoso, 1.027.

They are followed by: Samantha P. Amante, BS in Business Administration (BS BA) from the Cesar E.A. Virata School of Business (VSB), 1.071; Jamie Christine B. Lim, BS Mathematics (BS Math), College of Science (CS), 1.073; Sethric Andre S. Mesoza, BS Math/CS, 1.078; Lea Andrei B. San Juan, Bachelor of Sports Science (B SS), College of Human Kinetics (CHK), 1.088; Bianca Isadora P. Germar, Bachelor of Arts/BA Anthropology, College of Social Sciences and Philosophy (CSSP), 1.089; Joshua Emmanuel T. Ramos, BA Philosophy (BA Philo), CSSP, 1.096; Mariel D. Santos, BS Psychology/CSSP, 1.110; Joshua Miguel C. Danac, BS Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (BS MBB), CS, 1.113; Anna Michaella E. Dela Cruz, B SS/CHK, 1.116; Jody Kirsten S. Uy, B Secondary Education (Double Major), College of Education (CEd), 1.118; Helli-Mar T. Trilles, BS Civil Engineering (BS CE), COE, 1.122; Jasper S. Jamir, BS ECE/COE, 1.127; Raphaelle Joshua L. Traballo, BS BA/VSB,1.130.

Also graduating with top honors are Aleeza Dana C. Sy, BS Industrial Engineering (BS IE), COE, 1.131; Raphael Don A. Tantan, BS Business Administration and Accountancy (BS BAA), VSB, 1.133; Jerielle V. Malonzo, BS Math/CS, 1.134; Xaika Nadine A. Saldivar, BA Broadcast Communication, College of Mass Communication (CMC), 1.135; Christian Fitzedward C. Tan, BS Economics (BS Econ), School of Economics (SE), 1.142; Stanley Brian R. Sayson, BS CE/COE, 1.146; Ciana L. Lim, BS Computer Science (BS CS), COE, 1.154; Eloise P. Misa, BS Math/CS, 1.155; Ara Isobel G. Mercado, B Fine Arts/B FA (Painting), College of Fine Arts (CFA), 1.156; Weand S. Ybañez, BS MBB/CS, 1.158; Erika Antonette T. Enriquez, BS Math/CS, 1.161; Isabella Mae S. Tan, B FA (Industrial Design), CFA, 1.163; Wilbert Jacob G. Julio, BS ChE/COE, 1.165; Carlos Emmanuel P. Garcia, BS Mechanical Engineering, COE, 1.166; Maru Feriel O. Del Carmen, BS ChE/COE, 1.167.

Others who made it to the top are Anderson Kirk Nigel G. Tan, BS Psychology (BS Psych), CSSP, 1.168; Joseph Neos C. Cruz, BS MBB/CS, 1.168; Timothy Jason C. Simeon, BS CE/COE, 1.169; Ranier L. Biglang-awa, B FA (Painting), CFA, 1.173; Mikaela Maria E. Gomez, BS BA/VSB, 1.180; Samantha Yzavelle H. Ceniza, BS Econ/SE, 1.181; Jiwan S. Tai, BS Econ/SE, 1.183; Ferdinand John S. Briones, BS Computer Engineering, COE, 1.185; Karlo N. de Leon, BS Physics, CS, 1.186; Charmaine Regina S. Yu, B FA (Visual Communication), CFA, 1.187; Sam Ezrael L. dela Cruz, BS MBB/CS, 1.187; Reina Nette R. Daguio, BS CE/COE, 1.188; Arvy Daniel S. Ngo, BS ECE/COE, 1.188; Lian Mae T. Tabien, BS Statistics, School of Statistics, 1.190.

Rounding up the list of summa cum laude are Francis Zac Q. dela Cruz, BS CS/COE, 1.191; Kwen Kwen R. Cabalag, BA Philo/CSSP, 1.193; Exequiel Kim Isaac I. Salvador, BS Math/CS, 1.193; Edrea Faustina L. Choa, BS BA/VSB, 1.193; Emilio Paul L. Nogales, BS ChE/COE, 1.194; Aaron Cris P. Vega, B SS/CHK, 1.195; John Anthony C. Kho, BS ChE/COE, 1.196; Carissa Andrea D. Lim, BS BAA/VSB, 1.196; Dana P. Sison, BA European Languages, College of Arts and Letters (CAL), 1.197; and Francesca C. Sy, BS CE/COE, 1.199.

Joshua Emmanuel T. Ramos, BA Philo, will speak on behalf of the graduating class.

Commencement speaker.  National Artist for Theater Amelia Lapeña-Bonifacio is the Commencement Speaker.  Lapeña-Bonifacio, a University Professor Emeritus at CAL’s Department of English and Comparative Literature, is known as “Grand Dame of Southeast Asian Children’s Theater.” As a playwright, among her works are 10 books, 16 plays, 30 plays for children and more than 120 short stories for children published by the “Philippine Journal of Education.” She has also produced a number of poems, short stories and essays.

Total graduates. Of the 11 degree-granting units represented, COE garnered the most number of summa cum laude with 18, followed by CS (11), VSB (6), CSSP (5), CFA (4), CHK (3) and SE (3).  CAL, CEd, CMC and STAT have one summa cum laude each.

As of June 28, figures from the Office of the University Registrar show that 437 will receive the Latin distinction of magna cum laude while 1,173 will graduate with the honors cum laude. Of the total graduates, 3,980 will receive a baccalaureate degree while 1,069 will be conferred a graduate diploma, master’s and doctoral degree.

Posted: June 28, 2019 10:10