I would like to clarify that I never banned any individual or group from holding a rally inside the UP Diliman campus. I uphold the long-standing principle that UP Diliman is a site for free thought and speech, and I would never prohibit any gathering as long as university protocols are respected.

Any group regardless of social, political, ideological, or religious affiliation is welcome to hold a peaceful rally or gathering in UP Diliman, but is requested to inform the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs beforehand. This is not for seeking permission, however, but simply to allow the office to inform members of the community who may be affected- or should respond or prepare according to university guidelines (http://bit.ly/UseOfUPDSpaces).

UP Diliman does not censure, threaten or suppress any individual or group who wishes to exercise their constitutional right to speak up and hold assemblies. I am also open to dialogue with the public and welcome any further discussion, requests for clarification, suggestions, or even criticism regarding UP Diliman’s policies and actions, including those that concern gatherings inside the campus. Such dialogues are opportunities to improve services, enhance communication, and cultivate a better understanding and relationship between UP Diliman and the general public.

When a group called Yes for Peace applied for a permit to rally in UP Diliman in December 2020, we granted it and gave the same support. including facilities, which we normally provide to others.

Posted: January 25, 2021 16:48