We regret to inform the UPD Community that as of 5 p.m. today, Jun. 25, 2020, seven new frontliners from Kanlungang Palma and the UP Health Service (UPHS) were found positive with COVID-19, bringing the total to 14 asymptomatic cases including the seven reported last Jun. 23. All of the new cases have been isolated and there is continuous contact tracing by the UPHS Public Health Unit.

This cluster of infections is confined within Kanlungang Palma and UPHS, and the two facilities are now implementing stricter infection control measures. All other UP Diliman offices do not have direct contact with these facilities.

UPHS will continue accepting emergency concerns and telemedicine, as well as with Kanlungang Palma with its swabbing.

We appeal to all UPD employees and residents for calm and understanding. Rest assured that UPHS and Kanlungang Palma are doing its best to contain COVID-19 and stricter measures have been taken to prevent it from spreading any further.

Please remember to wear masks at all times, practice social distancing and proper hand hygiene.

Stay safe everyone.