New rumors of bomb threat in UP Diliman

Press Release
New rumors of bomb threat in UP Diliman
M. L. Tan, Chancellor, UP Diliman

September 4, 2016

Following the bomb threat hoax last Thursday, there have been numerous postings on social media of a message claiming that “reliable intelligence sources” have warned about Abu Sayyaf plans to bomb UP Diliman.

Has UP Diliman received new bomb threats?  The answer is no but with or without bomb threats, UP Diliman is on the alert and is taking extra precautions.  It is not easy given the size of the campus and our many portals so we ask for your cooperation as we require vehicle stickers, IDs and bag inspections.

We condole with the victims of the bombings in Davao City and express our solidarity by not allowing ourselves to be cowed by the terrorists.  Let us not create and disseminate rumors that only generate mistrust and paranoia.  Let us not forget that the terrorists’ bombings are mainly intended to paralyze society through fear.  Rumors can be as bad as the bombs in creating that atmosphere of fear.

Let us continue to be vigilant even as we keep calm and move on with our lives.

Posted: September 5, 2016 2:25