Habi: UPD celebrates 2nd Science and Society Month

(OCT. 11)— UP Diliman’s celebration of 2019 Science and Society Month kicked off on Oct. 4 with the simple opening program “Pasundayag” at the Palma Hall Lobby.

With a theme “Habi: Kapilipinuhan sa Agham at Lipunan,” the opening program featured a mini exhibit of some of the collections from the College of Home Economics’ (CHE) Costume Museum, who is celebrating its’ 60th year. The exhibit will be on display until Nov. 8.

In his message, UPD Chancellor Michael L. Tan said the theme was chosen to emphasize the science or technology in the weaving of the local fabrics that requires algebraic type of thinking in accomplishing the intricate designs. Sadly though, Tan said the local fabric is one of the most neglected aspects or facets of the Philippines’ cultural heritage.

“We hope to be able to reverse the tide and we hope UPD can contribute by having you appreciate the beauty of our fabrics and the intricacies that go into its production. I hope many of you will play their part in promoting our own fabrics that will build up the industry that we lost, “ Tan said.

Tan added that he wishes to see Filipinos use the local fabrics as a daily-wear for different occasions.

Meanwhile, cultural performances were provided by the Alun-Alun Dance Circle (ADC) and the UP Tugtugang Musika Asyatika (TUGMA). The ADC, with the accompaniment of traditional music by UP TUGMA, performed the Pangalay dance—a pre-colonial indigenous dance from the Sulu Archipelago. Both ADC and UP TUGMA were dressed in local fabrics.

According to its official website, ADC “aspires to revive, stimulate and sustain interest in ancient Filipino art forms, notably the Pangalay dance style, through comprehensive dance instruction, research and performances.” ADC is under the direction and tutelage of Ligaya Fernando-Amilbangsa, artist and advocate of the indigenous arts of Southern Philippines, particularly the Sulu Archipelago. She is also a recipient of the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Awards in 2015. UP TUGMA, on the other hand, is an organization of student-performers and enthusiasts of Philippine and Asian traditional music based at the College of Music.

To help promote the use of local textiles, five students from CHE Department of Clothing Technology and Interior Design showcased the fabric collections of the Non-Timber Forest Products-Exchange Programme (NTFP-EP) through a fashion show. The garments, designed by Anthony Cruz Legarda, were indigo-dyed and made from different indigenous materials. Legarda is a Filipino-American fashion designer and textile technologist.

NTFP-EP, a collaborative network of non-governmental organizations working with forest-based communities, will hold a textile-dyeing workshop on Nov. 8 at the College of Architecture.

The opening program ended with a video blurb of a soundscape installation that would be located at the Academic Oval and at the UP Institute of Biology Arboretum. The installation entitled “Siyap: An Outdoor Exhibit on Wild Bird Sounds in UP Diliman,” aims to bring to the general public awareness on the existing biodiversity at UPD, and to advocate biodiversity conservation to create a campus environment that is healthy, environmentally sustainable and wildlife-inclusive.

“Pasundayag” is the first of many events lined up for the UPD Science and Society Month 2019. For the complete list of the scheduled activities, visit https://upd.edu.ph/event/diliman-science-society-month/.  ̶ Bino Gamba, photos by Jefferson Villacruz

Posted: October 11, 2019 19:45