Green Spaces and Biodiversity

UP Diliman is one of the last green spaces in Metro Manila. The green spaces of UP Diliman enhance the learning environment of the University by providing spaces for relaxation, research, and teaching. In recognition of the importance of green spaces and its biodiversity, the University shall adopt low-impact development and management plans, with the goal of improving or incurring no net biodiversity loss.

Academic Oval. Photo by Jefferson Villacruz, UPDIO
UP Lagoon. Photo by Jefferson Villacruz, UPDIO

The University aims to…

  • minimize impact of programs, events, projects, and operations on biodiversity
  • monitor the health of the campus environment
  • raise awareness on the importance of green spaces and biodiversity

To achieve these goals, the University shall…

  • create and activate a standing committee on biodiversity
  • maintain a database of the campus’ flora and fauna
  • create and display a habitat and biodiversity map of the campus
  • promote appreciation of the role of biodiversity
  • obtain baseline data of and regularly monitor the campus’ environmental condition
  • enhance greening using native and/or edible plants in and around its buildings
  • avoid cutting of trees whenever possible
  • conduct regular trap-neuter-vaccinate-return (TNVR) activities on campus