Applying for a Student Visa


1. Original and two photocopies of admission letter from the University, bearing a clear impression of the University’s dry seal

2. Six (6) originally accomplished Personal History Statement forms (PHS) signed by the applicant in English and in one’s native writing system, with personal dry seal, if any; left and right thumbprints on the PHS, and original photos

3. Transcript of Records/Scholastic Records (original and two [2] photocopies) duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate in the applicant’s country of origin or legal residence

4. A notarized affidavit of support and proof of adequate financial support in the form of certificate of bank balances

5. Passport pages where the  applicant’s name, photo, date, and place of birth appear.


1. Applicants submit the above documents to the Office of Student Activities (OSA) at least three (3) months before the start of the semester they intend to enroll in

2. OSA endorses the application to the Chief, Visa Division, Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), Manila

3. DFA coordinates with different government agencies (e.g., National Intelligence & Coordinating Agency or the Commission on Higher Education) for clearance

4. DFA sends the authorization for the issuance of a student visa to the Philippine Embassy nearest the home of the applicants

5. Applicants check the status of their visa application at the Philippine embassy nearest to their place of residence one month before the start of the semester they intend to enroll in.

6. When informed of their visa approval, applicants report to the Philippine Embassy with the following documents:

a. Visa application – FA Form no. 2;

b. Medical Certificate-FA Form no. 11 in triplicate, duly accomplished by designated physician with life-size X-ray film and laboratory report; and

c. Police Clearance

7. Upon arrival in the Philippines, students report to the OSA for their study permits. An OSA staff is usually assigned to accompany them to the Bureau of Quarantine for their medical clearance, and to the Bureau of Immigration for their Alien Certificate of Immigration

Foreign students must wait for approval of their student visa applications before coming to the Philippines. Having student tourist visas will not serve to qualify them to study in the Philippines.

Study Permit

All foreign students should secure a study permit from the OSA before registering. Old students are required by the OSA to submit a copy of grades for the previous semester and an updated authorization to stay.

Deadline for Filing Applications

To have ample time to secure their student visa and make necessary arrangements, if accepted for admission, foreign applicants are urged to file their application for admission at least six (6) months prior to the registration period of the semester applied for.

Last Updated: 11 Nov 2022