National Book Awards

36th National Book Awards (published in 2016, awarded in 2017)

Jose Wendell P. Capili
Professor 12, Department of English and Comparative Literature
Best Literary Criticism/Literary History (Migrations and Mediations: The Emergence of Southeast Asian Diaspora Writers in Australia, 1972-2007, UP Press

Nick Deocampo
Associate Professor, UP Film Institute
Best Book on Art (EIGA: Cinema in the Philippines During World War 11, Anvil Publishing)

35th National Book Awards (awarded in 2016 published in 2015)

Isabela Banzon Mooney, PhD
Professor, Department of English and Comparative Literature
Best Book of Poetry in English (Maybe Something, UP Press)

Gemino H. Abad, PhD
University Professor Emeritus of Literature
Best Literary Criticism in English (Past Mountain Dreaming: New Essays, UP Press)

Milagros Guerrero, PhD
Professor, Departamento ng Kasaysayan [Ret.]
Best Book in History (Luzon at War: Contradictions in Philippine Society 1898 – 1902, Anvil)

34th National Book Awards (awarded in 2015 published in 2014)

Jun Cruz Reyes, PhD
Fellow, UP Institute of Creative Writing
Best Book of Anthology in Filipino Language (Ang Labingtatalong Pasaway, Visbrint, Inc.)

J. Neil C. Garcia, PhD
Professor, Department of English and Comparative Literature and Director, UP Press
Best Book on Literary Criticism/Literary History (The Postcolonial Perverse vol. 1, UP Press)

Galileo S. Zafra, PhD (co-author)
Professor, Departamento ng Filipino at Panitikan ng Pilipinas
Best Book on Language Studies (Ambagan 2011: Mga Salita Mula sa Iba’t Ibang Wika sa Filipinas, UP Press)

Luis V. Teodoro
Professor and former Dean, College of Mass Communication (Ret.)
Best Book of Journalism (Vantage Point: The Sixth Estate and Other Discoveries, UP Press)

Last Updated: 11 Nov 2021