UP Diliman

Language and Situated Agency: An Exploration of the Dominant Linguistic and Communication Practices in the Philippine Offshore Call Centers

This particular research endeavor is meant to generate interest in and disseminate the findings/results of the researcher’s PhD dissertation, which is the first full-length monograph on language use in the Philippine offshore call center industry. It is also hoped that through this endeavor, certain chapters of the dissertation will be published as a series of journal articles in both local and international publications. Finally, this endeavor is meant to set up a socially and historically grounded approach to language studies. Current approaches in language studies in the University and in the country have mostly focused on the formal structures and properties of language/s, or on the teaching of such language/s and on methods and strategies related to language teaching. A more theoretical approach that recognizes and examines the social and historical situatedness of language and language use is therefore much needed.