Average Budget

Cost of Living on Campus

Living expenses vary depending on a student’s choice. Below is a table comparing the various cost of living:

Student 1Student 2Student 3Student 4Details
DescriptionNon-dormer, but on campusStays in a new dormStays in a traditional dormLives in Metro Manila 
No. of Days on Campus7775 
Food6,300.006,300.006,300.004,500.00P75/meal within campus;
P75/meal outside campus;
7 days for non-dormer and dormer;
5 days for staying with family
Transportation364.00364.00364.00644.00P6.50 student rate within campus;
P7.00 for outside UP campus
Miscellaneous Expenses150.00150.00150.00150.00reproduction of materials and other academic requirements
Average Daily Expense310.46277.13242.13176.46 

Last Updated: 02 Feb 2023