Navigating the Philippine Strategic Resource Landscape: Realities and Ways Forward

The UP Asian Center will host a forum, “Navigating the Philippine Strategic Resource Landscape: Realities and Ways Forward,” on 12 December 2019, 1-5 PM at the UP Asian Center, QC. The conference is free and open to the public. Seating a first-come, first served basis. Walk ins are welcome, but participants are encouraged to sign up.


The presentations in the forum will discuss current and emerging issues on energy competition in the MENA, Central Asia and Southeast Asia regions and their implications on the Philippines’ economic growth and development, energy policies and foreign relations.

Registration starts at 1 pm.

The Presentations

China’s ODA for the Kaliwa Dam Project: Act of Benevolence or Display of Power?
Nelin Estocado-Dulpina

The World Water Forum and the Philippines: The Relevance of Water Management in Securitizing a Water Resource
Paolo Somoza

Resources Management in the West Philippine Sea
Ruel Zamudio

Energy Security Through Natural Gas Production and Supply in the Philippines: Issues and Perspectives
Jonald Bagasina

The Politics of Green Energy: Political Processes and Actors in the Renewable Energy Policy Development in Taiwan and the Philippines
Darlene Estrada

Clean Energy Revolution: The Implications of Singapore’s Shift Towards the Use of Clean Energy for the Philippines
Faye Pilar

Steel A March On: Exploring the Risk of and Opportunities for the Philippines in Opening its Mineral Industry to China
Cady Perez

Petro-Nationalism: A Case Study in the Philippines
Melkie Bakwit

*Free snacks and beverages will be served during the conference. For queries, please email

Posted: December 2, 2019 15:44