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OVCRD grant results in savings for UPD

From left to right Mina, Lico, Carreon, Araneta, Avena, Saloma, Solidum, Genuino, Rozul, San Diego and Cabugao.

(September 20)—In a time when the prices seem to be constantly rising, the University of the Philippines-Diliman—using one of its source of solutions (SOS) grant projects—has managed to generate some P500,000 in monthly savings on utilities.

In collaboration with the Manila Electric Company (MERALCO), UPD used the results of an SOS project, entitled “Proposed Schemes for Cost-effective Utilization of Electricity of UP Diliman Buildings,”to begin implementingseveral schemes to maximize and optimize power management in the University.

According to project leader Prof. Maureen Anne Araneta of the College of Architecture, power consumption is not equally distributed throughout UPD’s 109 electricity contracts, with some 47 percent of its total power consumption consumed by only 20 buildings.

She adds that the academic buildings of UPD are classified under the General Power category, so are thus subject to a guaranteed minimum billing demand (GMBD), regardless of whether it matches the building’s actual consumption.

The adjustment of the GMBD began in 2012 and along with other utilities-saving measures for UPD, it has led to some half a million in monthly savings.

As an expression of gratitude for the successful partnership, the Office of the Chancellor hosted a luncheon get-together last September 19 for MERALCO officials at the Balay Tsanselor.

MERALCO officials present at the event were Victor Emmanuel Genuino, Vice President and Head of the Corporate Business Group; Alex Cabugao, Assistant Vice President and Head of the Technical Support Group; Geralyn Solidum, Head for Public Sector Relationship Management; Emmanuel Avena, Corporate Relationship Manager; Gregory Gene Mina, Superintendent for the Corporate Business Technical Support-North Sales; and Mervin Jeff San Diego, Contact Person for UPD for the Corporate Business Technical Support-North Sales.

The UPD officials present were Chancellor Caesar Saloma, Dr. Gerard Lico, UPD Campus Architect and the members of the SOS Grant study group: Araneta, Mario Carreon of the Computer Science Department of the College of Engineering and Engineer Amador Rozul of the Office of the Campus Architect.—AKR