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UPD graduates more this year
One in every four is an honors student.

(May 8)—UP is known as the home of the country’s best and brightest, and a look at UPD’s latest batch of graduates supports that notion, with one in every four graduates finishing with honors.

The graduates. Data from the Office of the University Registrar show that 4,355 graduates stepped out of UPD’s hallowed halls last April 28, 3,436 or 80 percent of whom earned their baccalaureate degrees while 919 or 20 percent earned their post-graduate degrees.

Of this 919, 79 earned their doctoral degrees, 718 their Master’s degrees and 122 finished with a post-baccalaureate or diploma.

Out of the 3,436 graduates at the baccalaureate level, 3,294 finished with a bachelor’s degree while 152 earned a certificate.

With distinction. Among the bachelor’s degree holders, 1,045 or 32 percent finished with honors.

The cream of the crop is composed of 15 summa cum laude (SCL; those with a weighted average grade [WAG] of 1.00-1.2), 218 magna cum laude (MCL; those with a WAG of 1.21-1.45) and 812 cum laude (CL; those with a WAG of 1.46-1.75).

Tie. The College of Engineering (CoE) and the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy (CSSP) produced the most Latin honors this year with 168 and 158 honor students, respectively. They are followed by the Cesar E.A. Virata School of Business (VSB; 127), the College of Mass Communication (CMC; 94) and the College of Arts and Letters (CAL, 90).

The academic units that produced the most MCLs are the CSSP with 50, the CoE with 44, the VSB with 23, CAL with 19 and and the College of Science (CS) with 17. In terms of number of CLs produced, the five most productive academic units are the CoE with 121, the CSSP and the VSB with 103 CLs each, the CMC with 81 and the CAL with 70 CLs.

The six units that produced the most number of honors per graduate are, according to rank, the VSB with 127 honors out of 197 graduates (64%); the CMC with 97 out of 156 (60%); the School of Economics (SE) with 70 out of 131 (53%); CAL with 90 out of 191 (47%); the CSSP with 158 out of 351 (45%); and the Asian Institute of Tourism with 29 out of 81 (36%).

As of July 2012, the CoE, CS and the CSSP are the three largest academic units in UPD in terms of student population, with 5,054, 1,778 and 1,505 undergraduate students, respectively.

Summa scholars. Five academic units produced SCLs this year, with the CSSP (four BS Psychology and on BA Linguistics) and the CS (three BS Molecular Biology and Biotechnology and two BS Biology) producing five SCLs each.

They are followed by the CoE with three SCLs (one BS Chemical Engineering, one BS Industrial Engineering and one BS Civil Engineering).

Rounding off the list are the VSB with one SCL (one BS Business Administration graduate) and CAL with one SCL (BA European Languages).

The figures for 2013, as of April 29, saw an increase in the number of baccalaureate graduates, with batch 2013 having 153 more than batch 2012. Nearly every category (graduate, undergraduate) saw a small increase except for the post-graduate certificate/diploma, which remained exactly the same at 122.—AKR