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BOR approves UP Theater Complex;
Tomacruz is first director

University Theater

The Board of Regents (BOR) at its 1286th meeting on February 28, 2013 confirmed the creation of the UP Theater Complex (UPTC), in accordance with UP President Alfredo E. Pascual’s Executive Order No. EO 13-01 dated February 5, 2013.  The complex is now classified as a principal unit directly under the Office of the Chancellor (OC) of UP Diliman.

According to the UP Office of the Secretary and of the University’s (UP OSU) official release, UPTC is composed of seven major areas or spaces of convergence in UP Diliman.  These are: the Villamor Hall (University Theater), Carillon (Tower and Plaza or the Andres Bonifacio Centennial Hall), Washington Sycip Garden of Native Trees, UP Lagoon/Beta Theatrum, UP Amphitheater, UP Oblation Plaza and the Bulwagan ng Dangal (BnD at the Basement of Gonzalez Hall/Main Library).

The UPTC’s creation came on the heels of the OC’s memorandum (Memorandum No. CAS-12-006) dated January 17, 2012 on the Consolidation of University Public Facilities Under One Management.  Under this memo, four public facilities were merged under the University Theater management: University Theater, the Carillon Tower and Plaza, Beta Theatrum and BnD.  

The consolidation of the facilities according to Memorandum No CAS-12-006, will bring “a synergy of operations;” management of the four facilities “can be effectively streamlined to develop them into revenue generating venues;” and consolidation of these “can foster a sustained program of offerings on a season’s basis” that shall consider the campus’ overall academic calendar to avoid conflicts and overlaps, “coordinating these activities in a thematic framework.”  Consolidating UPD’s public facilities under one management, according to the memorandum translates to greater efficiency and flexibility. 

Tomacruz first UPTC director: In related developments, the BOR at the 1286th meeting confirmed the appointment of finance professor Mary Delia G. Tomacruz as the first director of the UP Theater Complex effective February 1, 2013.

Tomacruz, a faculty of the Department of Hotel and Restaurant and Institution Management of the College of Home Economics was the UPD Vice Chancellor for Administration for two terms (2005 to 2011) both under the chancellorship of Dr. Sergio S. Cao, and briefly with Dr. Caesar A. Saloma on his first months in office.  Tomacruz formerly served as the Business Concessions Office director prior to her stint as administration vice chancellor.

The UPTC director, Tomacruz acts as the chief administrative and operations officer.  The UPTC director is responsible for formulating and implementing a duly-approved revenue generation plan for UPTC, for implementing traffic and security management plan for major events and functions affecting the Complex, for implementing an efficient utilities management plan, and is directly responsible for UPTC maintenance and improvement including landscaping and other outdoor elements.

Tomacruz as UPTC director is directly responsible for the regular inventory, constant upkeep and proper preservation of all artworks within UPTC.  BnD, one UPTC facility, is the University Heritage Museum. 

Reporting directly to the Chancellor, the UPTC director’s term of appointment is at most one year subject to reappointment.—MDJ