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In memoriam

Photo credit: Photo from CSSP 
Department of Anthropology FB page

(June 7)—Josefina A. Sebastian, School Records Evaluator at the UP College of Social Sciences and Philosophy (CSSP)’s Graduate Program Office died of a heart attack last Thursday, May 30.

Known in the college as “Ate Josie,” she first joined the university in 1984 as a Research Aide at the UP Registrar’s Office, then transferring to the UP Main Library in September 1989 as a Librarian 1.

Sebastian entered the CSSP as a School Credits Evaluator in January 1991 and finally became a School Records Evaluator in August of 1997.

Sebastian is survived by five siblings, one of whom, Mateo, is an administrative officer at the UP College of Science’s Institute of Chemistry.

Her remains will be at the Parish of the Holy Sacrifice until Sunday, June 9.—AKR