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Foreign visiting professors feted

For posterity. Guests and hosts at the 2013 International Acquaintance Dinner (from left, seated) Vanessa L. Banta, Dean Jonathan P. Sale, Dr. Cristine DLR Villagonzalo, Dean Aura C. Matias, Prof. Consuelo J. Paz, Prof. Sarah Jane S. Raymundo, Chancellor Caesar A. Saloma. Prof. Robert Rownd, Prof. Felipe Vasquez Rufes, Dean Jose S. Buenconsejo and Prof. Cynthia N. Zayas. Standing, from left, are: Prof. Yusuke Takagi, Prof. Eric Julian Manalastas, Dean Ben Paul B. Gutierrez, , Prof. Janina Brill, Prof. Jung Kyu Lee, Prof. Yves Boquet, Prof. Timothy Marr, Prof. Maria Luna, Prof. Jong Wha Lee, Prof. Kyungmin Bae, Prof. Mihyun Oh, Prof. Amparo Adelina C. Umali III, Prof. Sidney Christopher Bata and Prof. Rommel Rodriguez.

(June 28)—UP Diliman welcomed its international visiting professors and research fellows through an acquaintance party—the first party of its kind in the recent past.

Fourteen visiting academics from countries such as France, Germany, Korea, Japan and the United States joined UPD officials and a number of college deans in a night of “food, fun and cultural exchange” at the Balay Kalinaw on June 21.

The event was organized by the Center for International Studies (CIS) and hosted by the Office of Extension Coordination (OEC).

“The purpose of the event is to identify and share common interests between visiting professors/researchers and other UP units and to introduce the CIS to international experts and scholars,” Dr. Cristine DLR Villagonzalo, OEC director said.

The international academics were: Yves Boquet who is currently teaching at the Department of Geography, Janina Brill (Department of European Languages /DEL),Danny Castonguay (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering) Young-Jae Choi, PhD (College of Mass Communication/CMC), Byounsik Choi, PhD (Asian Center), Jong Wha Lee, PhD (Institute of Chemistry), Jung Kyu Lee (Asian Institute of Tourism).

Also at the party were Timothy Marr, PhD (Department of English and Comparative Literature), Richard Ng, PhD (Cesar E. Virata School of Business/CEVSB), Mihyun Oh (College of Music/CM), Robert Rownd (Film Institute), Yusuke Takagi, PhD (Third World Studies Center), Felipe Vasquez Rufes (DEL) and Maria Luna (DEL).

The guests were also treated to a presentation by the CIS Bunraku Ensemble. The traditional puppet theater of Japan, the Bunrako , according to the CIS, “showcases three puppeteers manning one puppet, a shamisen (a three-stringed instrument) player, and a chanter (wayu).” The Department of Musicology of the College of Music provided the hand-held bell tree and the wooden clappers used by the ensemble.

UPD Chancellor Caesar A. Saloma formally welcomed the guests. With the chancellor were several deans namely: Jose S. Buenconsejo, PhD (CM), Ben Paul B. Gutierrez (CEVSB), Jonathan Sale, PhD (SOLAIR), Rolando B. Tolentino, PhD (College of Mass Communication) and Aura C. Matias PhD (College of Engineering). With the deans were other UPD professors and officers of the CIS, namely Sarah Jane S. Raymundo, Officer-in-Charge, Cynthia N. Zayas, PhD, Amparo Adelina C. Umali III, Vanessa L. Banta and former CIS director Consuelo J. Paz.

The OEC initiates and assists in establishing linkages with international and local institutions in support of UPD’s academic programs. The CIS, meanwhile, seeks to generate knowledge about the countries of the world and their interrelated cultures and ecological, social, economic, political, ideological and gender systems.—CAI