Jose Daniel P. Berba

Jose Daniel P. Berba (GWA: 1.1480)
BS Computer Science, College of Engineering

Depending on the person asked, Pepe may or may not be funny and approachable. Depending on when the question was asked, Pepe may or may not be fit and cool. He is pretty sure, however, that whoever and whenever asked about him, they will tell that, “I am different and I am competitive. Whether or not this is in a good way, I am not sure, just as I am unsure of other things in my life.”

Pepe does not really understand why people are so surprised when they find that he is the second of seven children or why they say that “I am more bunso-like (youngest) than kuya-like (eldest).” Frankly, he no longer knows what he is today and is even more unsure of what he will be tomorrow. In spite of all this uncertainty, there are two things that “I know will remain constant: my relentless pursuit of excellence, and my undying love for my God, my family and my country.”

Asked to describe himself, Pepe would like to think that he is a gentleman, a scholar, a lover of women, and one who does not back away from the ‘rumbles of life.’ So whenever enlistment comes, he tells himself, “Pepe, pray not for easy classes. Pray to be a stronger man.” 


Posted: June 22, 2016 6:17