Miyazaki, Kenji M.

Kenji M. Miyazaki (WAG: 1.1970)
BS Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering

Kenji Miyazaki describes himself as someone who is mistaken as “a foreigner from Japan, China or even Korea.”

The son of a Japanese father and a Filipina mother, Kenji is also a brother to supportive sister Karen. His name means intelligent, strong and vigorous second son.

Although half Japanese, Kenji is a Filipino through and through.

Kenji said he dreamt of studying in the University of the Philippines and was very excited upon learning that he passed the UPCAT.

A believer in UP’s honor and excellence, Kenji says “honor must come first before excellence. One must not sacrifice his integrity in the pursuit of glory. There are no shortcuts in reaching success. Truly, this University is different compared to others because of these principles. Once you are called Iskolar ng Bayan, you are expected to carry these principles at all times.”

After graduation, he said it is time to give back not only to the people that helped him, but also to the nation. Kenji said that he will live his life carrying the principles he learned from the University to contribute to the country’s progress.


Posted: June 21, 2016 6:04