Geronga Anna Bea D.

Anna Bea D. Geronga (WAG: 1.1940)
BA Creative Writing, College of Arts and Letters

For the past four years, one of the quotes that Anna Bea lives by is Arnold H. Glasow’s “Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.”

Throughout her stay, “I cried and broke down until I burnt myself out. And once in a while, I felt myself slipping, forgetting why I wanted to write in the first place.”

As a child, her father made her a pair of wings, not made of feathers, paper or wax, but of tangled mesh made of stories, legends and myths that allowed her travel worlds. Through him, she met the kapres, duwendes and manananggals as well as the Greek gods and goddesses, and “I was enchanted. And I knew, just like my father, I wanted to be a good storyteller. One that can lend wings to an audience, so they, too, can reach new heights.”

Perhaps, that was the reason “I took Creative Writing without a second thought. I wanted to enrich minds and feed them, just like my father fed my mind and changed the way I see the world.”

Her wings were also made of dreams, memories and songs. Each time she broke down and slipped, “I felt my wings breaking, splintering into tiny unrecognizable pieces, under the weight of my anxieties.” With every cry, her mother did her best to mend them with words of reassurance and understanding. “She inspired me to continue writing, to never stop believing in myself. She encouraged me to take a leap of faith, to trust in God.”

After she crashed and burned, she picked herself up and rose from the proverbial ashes like a phoenix, having realized that “nobody else can fly my wings, but me.”

She owes her success to God, UP, the Filipino and her parents.


Posted: June 21, 2016 6:04