Dela Rosa, Arbie F.

Arbie F. dela Rosa (WAG: 1.1940)
BS Business Economics, School of Economics

As a freshman, Arbie entered UP clueless of the life waiting for him: all he wanted then was to finish his studies. Along the way, things changed: he discovered more about himself through the different experiences in college.

In academics, Arbie strives to be the best by putting a lot of effort in studying and in other requirements. He appreciated how learning can be fruitful and enjoyable despite the challenges. Even though he spent most of the time studying, it was not his ultimate goal to be a summa cum laude; nor did he put pressure on himself to be one. While grades served as a measure of this achievement, he knows that it is the real value of knowledge and the effort he put in his studies that matter.

Arbie describes himself as reserved but discreetly talkative; once you become friends, you will hardly experience any dull moment since he always has something random to share. A cheerful friend, he laughs at your jokes and tries to throw one himself to make others laugh as well. He likes to try and discover new things with the help of other people. Being an only son, he always maintained a strong relationship with his parents. He is grateful for their supported and stops at nothing to make his parents proud, giving them the happiness they deserve for their constant love, care and support. He is also thankful to his family, friends, professors and all the people that become part of what he has achieved so far. He was able to accomplish things he never thought he can do. These experiences made him a better person and ready to face the challenges and struggles of life.


Posted: June 21, 2016 6:48