Lee, Isaiah Paolo A.

Isaiah Paolo A. Lee (WAG: 1.1875)
BS Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, College of Science

When Isaiah Paolo was in preschool, he thought there were only three universities in the country: UP, Ateneo, and La Salle. Growing up, “I realized that there were more. Despite my new discoveries, I eventually set my sights on UP. I wanted to graduate at UP with two goals in mind.” He wanted to graduate summa cum laude and graduate with a girlfriend. As a grade-conscious UP student, “I know that a score of 50 percent is usually either a 4.00 or a 5.00. At the same time, I would consider my whole experience at this university far from a failure. Getting what you want has its perks. (I would like to thank the UP Diliman Information Office for launching my modeling career.) Not getting what you want is often frustrating, but things have turned out fine in the end. I’m personally just happy with the way I handled things.”

Isaiah Paolo works weird hours, and others describe him as “weird.” He enjoys life, especially from others. On Wednesdays, he wears pink. He enjoys victimizing students and teachers alike with questions, ranging from “Would you be able to beat an ostrich in a fight?” to “How do you reconcile the conservation of information entropy with black holes?” He orders egg waffles from the green kiosks scattered on campus. Early on in his majors, “I was responsible for a paper series entitled MOMOLECULAR BIOLOGY.” He is not really sure what he is, in that “I never really got around to boxing myself into a convenient noun, but I think that’s okay too as long as I do whatever it is I do with quality.”


Posted: June 21, 2016 6:04