Leal, Jian Kenzo O.

Jian Kenzo O. Leal (WAG: 1.1859)
BS Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

UP was Jian’s not top choice of college back in high school. Coming from a private school the lackluster facilities, coupled with a comparatively unimpressive campus tour and activist stereotype, made him feel that maybe UP was not his school. However, the persuasion of teachers and his friends’ parents made him decide to choose UP.

It took him a while to adjust to UP culture; but once adjusted, “I can say that I have truly enjoyed my stay in this university,” he Jian said.

The journey was not easy as every UP student can attest to. Each student has his or her own struggles in UP. For Jian, it was endless papers, “coupled with exams that spanned hundreds of pages each and lab experiments that both started and ended in the presence of the sun. In addition, all of these were peppered with expectations from a lot of people.”

Jian said, “I would think that normal people would give up in the face of these challenges, but I think that we UP students are not normal. The training we get from the university, and of course with the support of friends and family, allowed us to persevere even in the face of certain defeat.

After four years, he said he can now truthfully say “I have made the right choice in choosing UP. During my stay, I have learned that the lack of facilities does not stop me in my pursuit for knowledge and excellence. In fact, I believe that it has allowed me to appreciate the smallest things in life. It has allowed me to use the most of what I have in everything that I do, which I know will be a good asset once I enter the real world.”


Posted: June 21, 2016 6:04