Pineda, Maria Luisa C.

Maria Luisa C. Pineda (WAG: 1.182)
BA Broadcast Communication, College of Mass Communication

Luisa to her friends is a blockbuster, a tour de force and a fireball of energy and ideas. She does the unexpected and excels in whatever she does.
To some, she is someone who is dependable because she never fails to be a friend, a bed you come home to after a long week at the dorm.

On another plane, she is hilarious, fun to laugh at and more fun to laugh with. Another friend described Luisa as “a quick-thinking action star. When you have a problem, she’s a motivational talk show host. No matter what genre of Luisa you encounter, you’re in luck because she is constantly sincere, kind and devoted to excellence.”
Having all these attributes, Luisa says she cannot function well without sleep.


Posted: June 21, 2016 6:48