Francisco, Julie Anne A.

Julie Anne A. Francisco (WAG: 1.1820)
BS Business Administration and Accountancy, Virata School of Business

Julie is a dreamer. She dreams of love – for family, loyal friends, and ultimately, life. Sweet, innocent and kind, Julie has ventured into college in pursuit of her dreams and has since then emerged as a stronger, more resilient young woman.

Blessed with beauty and brains, she remains to be simple and modes. Even though Julie has received many accolades and awards throughout her schooling life, she displays genuine humility. You can see no sign of haughtiness in her personality. Instead, she would help and encourage everyone to do the same.

Julie is hardworking and disciplined. Her mantra is “keep moving forward.” When faced with problems, she tends to solve it with equanimity. She would see the better side of problems and act according to what a prudent person believes to be the best means. And when opportunity comes, the last thing she would do is to let it slip through her fingers.

She is also a loving daughter and a supportive sister. However nice she may seem, do not let this fool you. She is, in fact, a closeted bully to her friends. But this funny childish side of her only makes her more endearing.

The reason there is a great prospect of her becoming a successful person is that she manifests the habits of highly effective persons. Julie is a proactive leader. She never blames circumstances or anyone for the undesirable results of what she chooses to do. Also, Julie begins things with the end in mind. In addition, she does not get easily distracted by trivial matters.

As early as now, Julie shows great promise and the sky is the limit to her success. Dreams are what brought Julie to this point in her life and will surely be her compass for the future.


Posted: June 21, 2016 6:04