Lopez, Alexander Atrio L.

Alexander Atrio L. Lopez (WAG: 1.1810)
BA Philosophy (2nd degree), College of Social Sciences and Philosophy

Alex has always been a greedy nerd when it comes to learning. Aside from doing his required schoolwork and fulfilling his org duties in UP KaPiTas, he absorbs what he can from film, TV, art, literature, and video games and applies these encounters to his daily life. For instance, when he has a paper deadline in two hours, he treats the jittery pressure cooker as a Project Runway moment. “Make it work,” as Tim Gunn would say.

Through all his failures and disappointments, he tries to remember,“I want to be a philosophy master, or at least be the best version of myself that I can be.”

The realities of his favorite fictional worlds have infiltrated his own reality, making his life more bearable and livable. Still, nothing beats the comfort Alex takes from the actual reality of the people around him – his family, relatives and friends. From one undergraduate degree to the next, one failed life mission after another, he continues to get up with the unconditional positive regard of the people who love him. His intellect may fall short, but their belief persists, and finally he believes in himself again. Screw “I think therefore I am,” I BELIEVE therefore I am. The human spirit triumphs!

In this triumph, Alex recognizes how philosophy and art have pumped the heart of his existence, shared by the different facets of himself and of society. It is a way of living constructed by philosophy, art, and science. No one sphere can subsists on its own, much like how one cannot survive on his own. However, from his first degree, basic medical sciences, to his second, philosophy, he finally found his home, a home filled with learning from his books and mentors and love from his family, relatives, and friends.


Posted: June 21, 2016 6:48