Yoon, Hyung Tong K.

Hyung Tong K. Yoon (WAG: 1.1780)
BS Economics, School of Economics

Hyung Tong says you would often see him in the tambayan holding a deck of cards begging other people to participate in his card tricks or to just simply play with him.

Hyung Tong likens his attitude and perspective in life to a deck of cards which houses four suits— heart, club, diamond and spade. He said he possesses all four.

The heart signifies emotion. Hyung Tong is a man who values his family and his friends. He has a positive expression of love and is very understanding and compassionate. The club signifies mind and mental activities. He can be described as brilliant and well informed. He thirsts for learning and starves for truth. The diamond signifies value. Hyung Tong is a man who definitely knows his worth. He recognizes that he is a child of God and his ultimate purpose is to glorify and honor Him. The spade signifies wisdom. A man of wisdom and a man of experience, life has put him into so many circumstances but these did not bring him down.

These obstacles, according to Hyung Tong, molded him into the man that he is now— a jack-of-all-trades. He is talented and gifted with a master of one. He uses these talents and gifts for an audience of One.


Posted: June 21, 2016 6:04