Ecat, Dominic Aily G.

Dominic Aily G. Ecat (WAG: 1.1710)
BS Industrial Engineering, College of Engineering

Dom is a jack of all trades. Beyond acing exams and winning national and international academic competitions, he also dances hip-hop and sings with the IE Club’s Dance Crew and iChoir. With his talent in playing the piano and the guitar, the next thing you’d know is that he’s convinced you to sing in harmony with him. More importantly, he makes harmony with his friends. He has this light aura that would always make you feel much better when he’s around. He also plays volleyball, manages org projects, and still has time to keep his notorious sunburnt curls in check. A great Dota 2 player, he supports the team with his best effort to achieve victory. But even though he has all these great talents, he is never boastful. He’s very humble and down to earth. He can get along with all sorts of people, mixing and mingling with ease.
Dom has a great sense of humor, and never runs out of witty jokes. Occasionally, he happens to poke fun at friends, but always means well and is never too cool for a sincere apology. He makes for a great company; with Dom around, there’s always something to talk about and always something new to try out. When the chips are down, he would usually ask you how you are and will listen to you if you needed someone to talk to. Dom might have no words of wisdom for you, but he’ll take the load off your shoulders anyway with a song and a smile. That’s because rain or shine, Dom has stand-out smiles, 24/7. And with his tendency to crack corny jokes or randomly burst into song, there’s no telling how fast he’ll put one on your face as well. His energy makes the heavy air around troubled time lighter, and his willingness to impart knowledge, talent, and experience makes him a true and trusted friend.


Posted: June 21, 2016 6:48