Soriano, Luis Andre D.

Luis Andre D. Soriano (WAG: 1.1690)
BS Statistics, School of Statistics

Wearing his plain gray jacket and over-sized headphones, Luis Andre is a guy you would easily miss in a crowd. But this man is anything but average. His ever-curious mind, fascinations and quirks make him a very interesting person.

An introvert and a firm believer of quality over quantity, he prefers intimate gatherings where he could talk and hang out with his close-knit friends. He also dislikes attention especially in front of a camera. A self-proclaimed music addict, he enjoys listening to trance music, the band “The Smiths” and recently, Above and Beyond. This kid at heart also enjoys watching cartoons and busies himself reading books by his favorite author Chuck Paluhniuk. Fascinated with the sky and stars, he dreams of traveling to Norway to see the Northern Lights one day. He is also known to his friends for his undeniable passion for philosophy. Being the skeptic that he is, he takes everything with a grain of salt, analyzing situations and arguments very carefully before reaching a decision or making a conclusion.

This modest guy, who remains grounded despite all his achievements, has simple aspirations in life. And if anything can be said about him, he has a promising future ahead of him.


Posted: June 21, 2016 6:04