Suero, Joshua Elias Fred A.

Joshua Elias Fred A. Suero (WAG: 1.1580)
BS Economics, School of Economics

Joshua regards himself as a regular guy even during his stay in UPD. He joined an organization where he met and became friends with amazing people. Joshua says he was “still able to watch different anime and TV series, and even hang out with friends from time to time and didn’t really spend all of his time studying which is probably contrary to what other people think.”

His sister never failed to remind him that he should study smart, not study hard. Joshua believes that there is only an optimal time for studying. He did not exhaust all his efforts but he also recognizes his responsibilities as a student. “Eventually, I learned how to keep my conflicting incentives aligned,” he explains.

According to Joshua college life was definitely challenging but he learned that it was only a matter of perspective. “Before, I’ve treated studying as a chore. Slowly, it consumed my interest. Finally, it became a purpose in life. Right decisions are made if it results to more meaningful, not necessarily happier, memories. In the short run, bonding with friends instead of studying maybe ideal. But in the long run, such idea may not pay off. But only in the very long run, we would be able to determine what choice would have created better memories against what was the right decision we made,” he explains.


Posted: June 21, 2016 6:04