Encarnacion, Gabrielle R.

Gabrielle R. Encarnacion (WAG: 1.1563)
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting), College of Fine Arts

To anyone who has known her, she goes by the name Gale, except by her grade school teachers. She is most recognized for “my incessant laughter that according to multiple sources can be heard from within a hundred-meter radius. This is the result of what I feel is either a brain tumor or just regular joy.”

Gale loves art. “It is all at once the bane of my existence and the cure to my ills and the consistent entity that just sits there while I slowly decompose.” However, she also loves at the same time the idea of ephemerality in art: the notion that even the most enduring and iconic will eventually be reduced to nothing only by time. She thinks that “the hubris of man is a dangerous thing and we need be constantly reminded of how tragically true it is that eventually we all will be gone.”

She enjoys reading although “at an uncomfortably slow pace due to my poor attention span,” writing “in penmanship so small it is often referred to as Braille,” and being alive in general. Gale is terribly afraid of sales ladies and the nature of uncertainty. She has mild obsession with words and “is fond of quoting people I converse with.” She thinks punctuality is underrated, likes the color yellow, has two dogs and has black hair.


Posted: June 21, 2016 6:04