Agoncillo, Julia Catherina P.

Julia Catherina P. Agoncillo (WAG: 1.1220)
BA History

Known to her friends and family as Chiqui, majored in History while taking up cognate subjects in Geography. Throughout her stay at UP Diliman, she was active in about six organizations, serving as an officer in one. In her free time, she likes to swim and dive in open waters, and occasionally listen to vinyl records with friends. Hoping to pursue a career in the academe, consultancy, and/or research, she plans on taking up a master’s degree soon. Her research interests include globalization studies, and international affairs/relations, political economy, and public policy.

For her yearbook entry, her cousin JM Batuhan writes, “When I think of Chiqui, I see red. Not that she makes my blood boil, though she can certainly do that with ease. But as anyone who has met her will agree, she has spunk, sass, wit, and verve in spades, as well as a whip for a tongue. There’s never a dull moment to be had when you’re in her company. A maverick in many regards, she’s equally at home painting the town red, or simply reading in bed. She’s as good of a loafer as the best of us, but when she sets her mind to something, her fiery passion takes hold, and she can burn the midnight oil by the gallon. Since we were little, Chiq was red. Before, a fiery ball of energy; today, a trailblazer, a firebrand. Now, as her 4-year stay in Diliman draws to a close, it seems that she’s taken on a certain shade, a specific hue. Maroon.”


Posted: June 21, 2016 6:47