Vidal, Adrian R.

Adrian R. Vidal (WAG: 1.1180)
BS Electronics and Communications Engineering, College of Engineering

Adrian describes himself as “someone with unkempt hair, a not-so-symmetric moustache, and a sparse beard.” If you want to be sure, wait until he puts out his age-old black folder and his all-time-favorite 5 x 7 double-ring blue Corona notebook. 

By default, Adrian is very quiet and preoccupied. You may see him writing on his notebook, listening to music or doing nothing, when he is actually observing other people. He does not want to waste his time on empty chit-chat. “He is approachable, if you are not a parasite, he is sociable, if you are not a flat person,” he explains. Despite these quirks, Adrian is sincere and outgoing, if you can get him started.


Posted: June 21, 2016 6:04