Atanacio, Danilo Lorenzo S.

Danilo Lorenzo S. Atanacio (WAG: 1.0740)
BS Economics, School of Economics

Danilo describes his freshman “self” as one “who spent too much time enjoying freedom in choosing his general education courses and sticking to what he felt was comfortable and familiar.” But after deciding to pursue a degree in economics instead of “a pre-medicine track,” he joined an organization “whose members are committed to raising consciousness on social issues and forwarding advocacies” he was passionate about. Thus his duties and projects in the organization intensified his “desire to productively engage others in discourse and to give back to the broader communities to which I belong.” He also “experienced student council work,” where he “drew inspiration from the fact that my fellow council members always put service to the student body ahead of personal interests.”

He considers his time at the University as the ultimate learning experience, where his friends, batch mates, fellow students and professors were his teachers. “If I could, I would gladly repeat college over and over until I’ve taken every possible opportunity and explored every possible option.” He adds that he “might have studied just a little bit less, and I might have played Ultimate Frisbee as often as I did in high school or done a dozen other things that also sound interesting, like become a UP Mountaineer (maybe).” Nevertheless, he says he has nothing but gratitude for the past four years. “While the future is still far from certain, I’m anchored by the fact that I will always be indebted to the Filipino people, to my family, to friends and institutions who have generously and selflessly shared their resources to this student who will always aspire to be worthy of being called a UP graduate.”


Posted: June 21, 2016 6:47