Gutierrez, Miguel Raymundo C.

Miguel Raymundo C. Gutierrez (WAG: 1.0640)
BS Economics, School of Economics

Apart from learning the ropes professionally, Miguel Raymundo looks forward to life in general outside the academe. Among others, “I look forward to continuing my self-study in Japanese and then other languages, maybe pick up an instrument, learn how to draw, even take up gardening, and other such skills. Hopefully, I’ll make the time.”

Nonetheless, being 22 years old as of this writing – when his thesis is finally bound; when all his grades have come in; when all that’s left in college undergraduate life are those affairs for graduation – really, it’s been a long time coming.

At the same time, however, Miguel Raymundo recalls his first bright-eyed days as a college freshman; his days in high school making the best of the liberties courtesy of not exactly being a kid anymore; and even back in his elementary days and younger when he was a kid, one who had a hard time reading and who, when on a moving car during a clear night, thought the moon was following– well, it hasn’t been that long ago.

“Contradictory, yes, perhaps,” he said. Yet, after all, “life happens, and people, as with all things, change. And when the change proves significant enough, to compare the then and after would be to compare the seed to the tree; the stone to the mountain; the drop to the ocean. In any case, this is me looking back, back to what might be a moment ago or an eternity since.”

But, more importantly, here he is.


Posted: June 21, 2016 6:04